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Photo Gallery

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Whitetail Success 2019

Trail-Cam Pictures and A Few 2019 Whitetail Prospects

Gallery from 2019 Spring Black Bear Season

Our first year in the new territory and our photo gallery turned out to be all we had hoped it would be. Most noteworthy were the number of large bears and the number of color phase bears that were seen We’re sure you’ll enjoy these trail camera photos taken during the 2018 Spring season.

Photo Gallery of Just Getting There

“Heck, getting there is half the adventure!” ~ Dan Cole

Yep, sometimes the trails leading to the good stand sites are an adventure all their own! We will never shy away from the trail less traveled. A photo gallery page wouldn’t be complete without a true perspective of what could be expected.

Photo Gallery Spring 2019 Successful Black Bear Hunters

Our first year in our new territory couldn’t have worked out any better. Our hunters had a very successful season. We had eight hunters and seven of them went home with a bear. Our unsuccessful hunter seen over 50 bears during his 5 1/2 day hunt. However, because he was holding out for a specific monster bear he elected to keep his tag in his pocket; that’s trophy hunting.

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Thank you for looking at our 2018 photo gallery, we hope you enjoy it.