Come and hunt the chocolate antlered giants of the forest fringe with Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures.

Hunter Testimonials

Hunter Testimonials For Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures

Seth Saarinen..,

I was fortunate enough to hunt with Ryley this fall (2019) and harvested a beautiful 160-class 6×6 whitetail. Ryley is meticulous about managing his deer herd and is definitely set up for long-term success. My deer was harvested on the first day of my hunt, and I spent the remainder of the week viewing his operation firsthand. Many stands don’t see a hunter all season as 130 and 140 class, up-and-coming bucks are protected. The accommodations and meals are first class. I highly recommend Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures to anyone looking for the whitetail hunt of a lifetime.

Dan Cole..,

I returned to SBBA in 2019 with high expectations; after a great hunt in 2018, I didnt think it could get any better. Boy was I wrong! This time I kept track of daily buck sightings. Check out these numbers: Monday, 12 bucks. Tuesday, 8 bucks, Wednesday, 5 bucks. Thursday, 16 bucks. Friday, 8 bucks. That totals 49 different bucks during a five day hunt; and get this…I didnt pull my trigger! I passed several 130-140 inch deer, and two others that would crack 150 inches. In fact, I made the biggest pass of my life on two different bucks, one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. Thats trophy hunting! At any moment, during any day, I could have filled my tag with a nice buck. I kept my tag by choice, in hopes a true monster would step out. My hunt was a huge success, despite me being the only one in camp that week that didnt shoot a deer! Im happy with my decision! As usual, Lar-Dawg kept us well fed,  and the Lodge is clean and spacious. The decor is awesome! Ryley and Rod worked their butts off every day, and well into the night taking care of the hunters trophies. Great camp, great atmosphere, and a great hunt! I’m booked again for 2020.

John Palmer..,

Ryley and his team are First Class! My son and I were lucky enough to book a hunt last year and had a great time and both got awesome bucks. We are excited about returning in 2020 and spend another week. Ryley has a great philosophy for growing HUGE bucks and he is going to have trophy Whitetail for years to come.

Kevin Havern..,

Good lodge, great food and awesome hunting! Ryley, Rod and Larry worked extra hard to make my hunting trip, and all hunters in camp, enjoyable and successful, thank you guys. I hunted with a bordering outfitter last year without success. I saw more and better quality bucks and does the first day then three of us saw cumulative in 15 days last year. I saw good mature shooter bucks every day and ended up shooting an awesome chocolate racked buck with lots of character. Do not hesitate to book your hunt was Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures Ryley knows his deer, how to hunt them and will not give you any BS! Thanks guys I will be back.

Blane Lagerman.., 

I first hunted in Saskatchewan in the year 2000 at Proud Foot Outfitters John Bardahl was the owner and ran a 1st class operation. I hunted there for the next 18 years. Marshall and Robbie Digh bought Proud Foot around 2003 and continued to run a 1st class place. I had a great time and awesome hunts those years.2019 Riley bought Proud Foot. I didn’t hunt that year i figured I had a great run and not return. Riley convinced me to give it a shot last year so I did..I never imagined that he could possibly make my experience better but he did.The efforts made by Riley and Rodd were unbelievable. Their goal is to make their camp the best Saskatchewan has to offer and i believe they are on the right track.

Aleck Forte..,

Great time hunting with my Dad here will be back next year both killed great Bucks in the wild! The staff was super friendly an excellent service good guide great cook larrr dogg they all work super hard to get the big boys moving in.

Charlie W..,

I’ve been on hunts to Ontario and British Columbia before but this is by far the greatest hunt! It truly had the greatest people, experiences, food, accommodations, professionalism, hospitality, and more. This hunt exceeded my expectations!

Shaun Wayer..,

First ever bear hunt for me. What an incredible experience. Great guide, great lodging, and great food. The hunting property is so expansive it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. Couldn’t be happier with the bear I got on the 2nd day of the hunt, but I had a huge boar come in 10 yds from my stand 45 minutes after I already had mine down. I’m looking forward to my next hunt with this outfitter to go after one of those monsters.

Mike Pelletier, Hardcore Pursuit..,

“I’ve hunted with Ryley since he started Outfitting and every Hunt is the hunt of a lifetime! He’s a dedicated Big Whitetail Junky and knows what it takes to find big bucks! His new operation is absolutely amazing! The lodge is huge with all the amenities and his property is prime habitat for giant Saskatchewan and Farm Fringe Bucks He’s already got it set up like a pro and I can’t wait to get back up there this fall! I recently got back from a Spring Bear Hunt with Ryley and had an awesome Hunt and everybody in camp got a nice Bear. It’s only going to get better up there. I’d highly recommend calling Ryley for a Saskatchewan Hunt of a lifetime!”

Check out this great video put together by the Hardcore Pursuit boys.

Hunter Testimonials and Another In-Field Video

Dan Cole..,

“Every serious whitetail hunter will eventually end up hunting in Saskatchewan, and there’s no better time than now. I hunted whitetails the week of Thanksgiving 2018 with Saskatchewan Big Buck Adventures.  Ryley’s territory is lightly hunted and located right in the middle of the greatest whitetail region in the world! From the deer and trail-cam photos that I saw during my hunt, I made the decision to rebook for the next couple of years; this camp is going to start producing some absolute giant bucks! The future is very bright for the SBBA whitetail hunters! Accommodations couldn’t be better; the lodge is very spacious and clean. Each hunter had their own bedroom, and with two bathroom/showers there was plenty of room for all. I saw many deer each day including several bucks of various ages and sizes. Several were 110-130 inch youngsters, but I did pass a nice 150 class buck during the first day. I ended up taking a very massive 10 point, 153-inch buck Thursday afternoon of my hunt. It was a great week and my stay with SBBA was very relaxing and pleasurable. There was a good camaraderie in camp thanks to great people and accommodations. Add in the mix of humor and character brought by the other hunters in camp and it was truly a pleasure to be here. Big “Lar-Dawg” Larry kept us well fed morning and night. Joshy Big Bucks was the master guide at the helm and he worked his tail off for everyone in camp. The entire week from start to finish gets five big stars from me! I can’t wait to get back up there!”

Alex Graham..,

A new lodge and 77,000 acres of awesome hunting property, to harvest monster whitetail deer. Ryley has plenty of guiding experience chasing trophy bear, deer, etc. and you won’t go hungry. A typical day starts with eggs and bacon or pancakes and sausage, a packed lunch, and finished with a large dinner with dessert. The camp cook, Larry makes fresh bread daily and all meals from scratch- no box dinners. Ryley and his guides work very hard to put you where the bucks are and provide coaching to ensure you only shoot mature deer. This past hunt I passed many 8-10 point bucks looking for a specific target buck before finally finding success on the last day. He told me the night before “if you want meat I will give you meat, but if you want a trophy you need to stay the course.” He was right. I successfully harvested a 150 class 8 pointer with a 2-inch kicker (technically a 9 pointer). Meeting new friends from Oregon and New Jersey. If you want a complete hunting trip of a lifetime, contact Ryley and book ASAP as spots are filling up quickly. Happy hunting.”

Joe Lord..,

“5 Stars from the minute we arrived! I don’t even know where to start… I was with a group of 4 hunters for 1 week, hunting black bear in which two of us have never hunted bear before. Our group went 4/4 and I personally saw over 30 different bears in 5 days of hunting. The owner, Ryley, and his crew, Josh and Larry were unbelievably accommodating in the lodge, woods, traveling, and entertaining our group while we were there. This is world class bear and deer hunting matched by world-class guides and accommodations. Will absolutely recommend to any/all friends, family, and anyone else looking for an experience of a lifetime. Thanks, guys!”

Richie Botta..,

“One of the Best outfitters I have ever hunted with!! Decided to do a black bear hunt with them and ended up sticking a monster Bear!! The guides were great, the cook made great meals; the lodging was super clean and on a private farm. I would 100% recommend them. I will be a repeat bear client for many years to come. Can’t wait for next June!”

Jamel Hamka..,

“I’ve hunted with Ryley last November for a huge whitetail and just hunted last week for a spring Bear. Was able to kill a huge buck and see dozens and dozens of nice huge bear. Had an incredible time and am looking forward to hunting this November. New facilities and property are best I’ve ever seen for an outfitter.”

Dr. William Soesbe..,

“My dad and I recently went on our first outfitter experience with Ryley, Josh, and Larry at SK Big Buck Adventures LTD. We had the opportunity to go on a spring bear hunt and had a very successful week. I was able to harvest a bruiser on my first trip into the woods and dad was successful on his third night. Those experiences coupled with the trail riding, hearty meals, excellent accommodations, a bonus fishing excursion, and overall superb atmosphere made for a highly enjoyable experience. I look forward to my next trip with Ryley and the crew. Well done!”

Bob Davis..,

“Awesome lodging, great meals thanks to the cook Larry, and big bucks!!!!”

Joseph Pepe..,

“The deer are WORLD CLASS…..the guide a down to earth fellow hunter. Ryley treated me as a friend. He can’t control the weather. ….overly impressed with his drive to keep a quality success rate where it should be…My first hunt was a success. ..Only to hunt there again in a progressive manner…..Nothing like hearing an empty casing hit the floor at snipers palace…Hunt of my lifetime. …Thanks…..Will be BACK

Rich Botta..,

Got me a bear of a life time!! The hard work you guys put in is amazing. The biggest bears I ever seen bear hunting in my 18 years of hunting. Never seen so many big bears on trail cam and in-person like I have at your camp!